Sunday, 2 May 2010

So How Much Can You Earn Per Week?

The title of this post is a question that gets asked a fair bit by applicants to our wormhole corporation in the public channel.

Funnily enough, of all the things they could ask, this one question is probably one of the toughest for us to answer. Really the only valid, short answer to the question is 'it depends'. Unfortunately this often isn't enough to satisfy potential recruits and we have to explain why it's so difficult to come up with a salary for wormhole life.

The first thing we try to make clear is that the potential isk stored away in wormholes is massive. Tapping into that potential requires coordination, teamwork and a lot of logistics. So it's important for applicants to realise that, isk will only end up in their wallets after a large concerted group effort by the whole of the corporation.

For your consideration here is a potted summary of what is required in our corporation to convert our wormholes into isk.

- It starts, as many other things in wormholes do, with a scanner. This person will scan our home system to find our static class six exit
- The class six wormhole must then be fully scanned and combat sites will be bookmarked
- Adjacent wormholes to the class six will need to be checked for any possible threats
- A fleet commander has to form a fleet consisting of at least 8-10 pilots
- The fleet commander may delegate different roles within the fleet, such as the logistics pilots, a target caller and a Sleeper frigate killer
- The fleet will begin attacking the Sleepers while other pilots may be asked to keep an eye on the surrounding wormholes for any signs of trouble
- After a site has been completed, salvagers will need to be brought in to mop up the salvage and loot
- The Fleet Commander will then need to submit a report detailing who was involved in the fleet
- Those responsible will then, if necessary, have to begin to process the loot towards becoming T3 components
- Any materials needing to be sold will have to be transported safely to Empire space
- The materials will have to be listed at competitive prices to get the mopst isk for our effort
- The profits must then be divided up between all involved

As you can see, it's not a simple matter of blowing up ships and receiving isk for it. Not only are there multiple people who need to be rewarded for their effort, but the entire process from killing a Sleeper to seeing your wallet flash with the sparkle of isk may take weeks, even months!

So you can perhaps understand the difficulty we have when trying to answer the question. The best thing we can say is, the more effort you put in, the more isk you will get out. But if you're active and part of an active team, then there is no reason why living a wormhole won't make you a billionaire many times over.

It just so happened that today was a payday for me. My wallet flashed and I was 800 million isk richer.

How did it get there? - Some mystical process.
When did I earn it? - Some time recently I guess.
What did I do to earn it? - I couldn't really say.

Was it worth it? - Definitely yes!

All I really know is that for the amount of work I put in, isk seems to appear in my wallet in astounding amounts. And for me, that's all I really need to know.


  1. I know this is probably a dumb question but is there anything you can do solo in Wormholes ?

    I mean I see a lot of WH corps recruiting but what do you do when there is not any other corp members on in the WH?

    Sorry if that is a dumb question but I have no clue about WH space.

  2. You can solo C2s easy enough. I had a passive tanked vaga with autocannons and an alt on the same account with a salvager boat to clean up after the pwnage. ;) couldn't resist the dumb 1337 speak

    C3s can get hairy, but with a better pve ship (as mine was semi-pvp ready) you should be ok.

    If you are solo, check directional often. Once I was jumped by a celestis and a moros... In a C2... He built that Moros in there and didn't want to share the space. Not many people do.

    I suggest that you just get into a wormhole and class, then just start jumping from one to another. Eventually you will find an empty system that you can harvest without much to worry about.
    Best of luck,

  3. OMG Arazu... not a celestis...

  4. Thus far 800 mil was my highest weekly payout in wormhole space.
    In retrospect, It does not require many hours at all once the group machinery knows the drill
    Added bonus its more fun then the other stuff I used to do for that kinda ISK

    - Stovo kor